Travel Tips

We found these to be invaluable to our successful travel with disabilities.


Bring your handicapped placard even if you are not driving.  Other countries give disabled peoptagle a card, but we use our placard as proof.  This also allows our limo drivers and taxi drivers to park near when we are out of the vehicle.  The world is becoming more handicap friendly, so watch for handicap parking, too.  In some parking lots, handicap parking is free.  We use our tags to gain admission into museums and churches.  They will also allow your “care giver” to enter for free.


We got our first Luggie in 2011 and could not be happier. We travel with them on land, air, trains, and boats without issue. We use ours at home to shop. As we travel the world with them, we are stopped every time we ride it by people needing one for their disabled or handicapped mother, father, husband, wife, or theirselves. People are amazed at how fast, compact, and lightweight.

Always carry an extra charged battery with you as well as your battery charger.
Luggie wheelchairs come with a special bag that holds both and attaches securely under the seat.

Hotel Comfort

We use a twin 4 inch egg crate mattress to cover the hard hotel mattresses.  The mattresses can be compressed to fit in suitcase or duffle bag.  At the hotel, we just slid it under the sheets and only guess what the house keeping ladies think about us. Our doctors have given us letters stating our disabilities.  This helps with luggage restrictions.  Normally, the airlines will not charge us for the bag carrying our egg crate mattresses.

Mobile Phones

The new mobile phones have the ability to change the sim cards, making your phone available throughout the world. We give all our tours, drivers, and hotels our world number before we leave. We’ve use Mobal Communications for several years and could not be happier. This is a better deal than our current program, much cheaper. With our program you have to keep in mind, this is not a chat line, just business :).

Security for Luggie & Personal Items

We carry bicycle chains on the post of our Luggies.  When we are together and leaving our Luggies outside a store or restaurant, we chain the Luggies together.  If we are alone, we find something to secure the Luggie to a pole.

Mommy Hook

Do not be fooled, people will steal from a handicapped person.  We were in a remote part of a Switerzland, Sion, to view the oldest organ at the Valère Cathedral.  Bob and Howard made the long climb to the church.  Luggie would not make the incline, so we stayed in Sion to shop and eat.  At some point, someone stole my Disney backpack off my Luggie seat, with me on it!  Since then, we purchased The Mommy Hook to secure our purse, backpack, and other items.   We latch the hook around the metal of the seat and then we can secure all our belongings.

Shoulder Purse

We also learned, it we purchase a shoulder purse with an adjustable strap, we like Sherpani® brand because of its durability, it can be looped around the seat.  It hangs below the seat while we sit on the strap making it safe.

Nite-Ize S Biner

We use the Nite-Ize S Biner to secure our carry-ons to the back of the Luggie.  This frees our hands to roll our large luggage when traveling between transportation and hotel.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must, it covers delayed luggage, lost luggage, missed connections, cancellation of a trip, accidents, and lots more.  The coverage gives you peace of mind as you travel.

We have used Travelex and John Hancock on our trips