Our Transporation

We’ve used Luggie scooters since 2011.  They are so reliable and versatile, weighting only 55 lbs and fold to the size of a stroller.  It helps when Howard, Donna’s husband is with us, but we have found the world to be a friendly and helpful place.  People stop to help us carry them over the bridges of Venice!

“Why Luggies”

I had a “Lapse in Judgment” when I bought a different brand of portable electric wheelchair. Sadly, it failed it’s first journey at the airport. It wouldn’t go anywhere…even though we knew we had correctly charged it. We couldn’t leave it behind so we had porter load it with our luggage to check-in. The check-in department called for a push wheelchair and an escort took me to the gate.

We did the same in reverse on arrival to our hotel and then we called the Solax wheelchair company. They essentially said it we needed new batteries. None could be bought in the UK, most reluctantly they agreed to overnight the batteries to us. Unfortunately, they never arrived, they were not sent expedited mail. We kept recharging the batteries and they would run for about 2 blocks before completely discharging again. We lost our freedom as we knew it…we were severely limited. We would hire taxis for the day in order to see what we had come to see. BUT…we never lost our smiles! There are “hiccups” in life, but the journey is so worth it to continue to experience this wonderful world in which we live. 

On our return…after a serious battle…I received a refund…and you guessed it, I bought a Luggie! We have never looked elsewhere since! We do indeed love our Luggies!

We have ridden them around the world and back.

  • to the gate of airplanes
  • onto cruise ships
  • onto trains
  • onto ferries crossing the English Channel & the Adriatic Sea
  • over cobblestone streets of Prague, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Venice
  • on the dirt paths of Monet’s Gardens in France & Plitvice Lakes in Croatia & Muir Woods National Monument
  • to tea at Harrod’s
  • thru cathedrals & museums
  • Vatican
  • St Peter’s Basilica
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • stopped traffic in Moscow
  • the list goes on and on through 26 countries and countless cities…

Our driver always loads the van for us.

When we are staying at a hotel in the city we fly into, we normally use a car service to take us to the hotel.  In London, we use HummingBird Cars, they have always been on time and helpful.  Their rates are very low.  In New York City, we use NY City Limo for transportation to and from the airport and sightseeing. When we travel long distance, like this spring we drove from London > York >  Moors National Park > Bourton-on-the-Water > Downton Abbey Locations > Highclere Castle > Ferried across the English Channel to Bruge > Ghent > Brussels > Luxembourg > Strasbourg > Colmar, France > through France > back across the English Channel to London.  Because we both need egg crates for the hotels, we have learn to downsize our wardrobe we pack.  Bob & Stephanie and Howard & Donna pack together.  The two egg creates go in one bag.  The Luggies are not considered baggage, so we normally are good with 3 large pieces and our carry-ons.

Luggie Loaded for Travel

The image above illustrates how we load it down for travel to and from hotels.
  1. Howard’s backpack fits on the back of my seat to free him up to roll luggage
  2. We secure the backpack to the back of the seat with the straps on the backpack
  3. The Mommy Hook is an additional security method for locking the backpack and my camera bag to the Luggie.
  4. In this instance, the strap of my camera bag is looped over my Luggie seat and I sit on it.  This method makes it difficult for pickpockets to lift it off the Luggie.  When we are sightseeing, I do the same with my purse strap. 
  5. This is our bag with the egg crate mattresses.  Now my hand is free to roll luggage to our hotel or transportation.

Always carry an extra charged battery with you as well as your battery charger.
Luggie wheelchairs come with a special bag that holds both and attaches securely under the seat.