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NYC 911 Memorial

Finding ways to make the world available to disabled and handicapped travelers.
“Americani! Americani! Television! Television!” the desk clerk shrieked, as she came bounding up the stairs of Hotel Russia, in Voronezh. She threw our open door, as she burst into the room. Terror was on her face, as she ran to the television and turned it on. We all watched, as the twin towers fell. We all watched, as Death laid siege to the city.  The 13 of us, members of the first 3 teams to arrive in Russia, were waiting for our vans to take us to the overnight train to Moscow. Having finished the Russian portion of the Mercy Mission 2001 trip on September 11, we were packed, ready, and rejoicing. While some were being reborn on one side of the world, some were dying on the other. Suddenly, our joy was gone, crushed, but only for a season. Read More …