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The Great Synagogue on Dohány Street, largest Synagogue in Europe

Weeping Willow Tree Jewish Memorial Budapest We took a guided tour of the Dohany Street Synagogue with a small group.  We found it fascinating, touching, and inspiring.  Parts of the museum were handicap accessible and others were not.  They did have an elevator to help me get to the second floor.  I was content to wait for the others while they climbed the stairs to the other floors.

The Byzantine-Moorish style synagogue constructed between 1844-1859 was unique unto itself, nothing like we had ever seen.  The largest synagogue in Europe, 3,000 people can enter.  The onion-shaped domes atop the twin towers symbolize the two columns of Solomon’s Temple.

The synagogue was very handicapped friendly and I was able to see all the main floor.  I did not try the balcony, therefore I am not sure if there was an elevator.  

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Budapest Marriott on the Danube River in Hungary

We had an amazing time at the Budapest Marriott. We are Gold Elite Marriott Members and received a super price on a corner suite.  It was fantastic, to say the least.  We had a little kitchen kind of area with a microwave, a huge dining/office/living area, and a nice big bedroom.  The corner suite gave you a view from every room!  We over looked the Danube River, Parliament Building, Chain Bridge, and Fishermen’s Bastion across the Danube.   Read More …

Our Train Ride to Budapest

Our trip to Budapest from Vienna was a little exciting, to say the least.  We could not find a van rental company which would let us drive from Vienna to Budapest.  We took the train, instead.  Normally, trains are very consistent, but the flood was something we could not have planned for.  

Family waiting for train in Vienna heading for Budapest

Family waiting for train in Vienna heading for Budapest

We boarded the train in Vienna and headed for Hungary.  The travelers behind spoke English and as the ticket taker was punching their tickets, we heard the the conversation.  The train employee told them they would board a bus to transfer to another train station.  I am thinking, “Gosh, they had bad connections.”  Our trip connected to the next stop.  Everyone got off the train, but us.  In a few minutes, the passengers behind us came back on board to tell us the train could not proceed because of the flood.  We quickly unloaded and looked for a train staffer who could tell us the plan.
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Colmar, France

Ornate Colmar restaurant sign Colmar is an incredibly beautiful tiny village that is just 20 minutes from Strasbourg, France. Strasbourg is near the German border, in the Alsace region of France. The culture, food, and architecture are blended with German and French influences. Here in Colmar we found an enchanting village, full of fairytale steep pitched roofs, pastel stucco, and old timbered buildings. 
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