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The Great Synagogue on Dohány Street, largest Synagogue in Europe

Weeping Willow Tree Jewish Memorial Budapest We took a guided tour of the Dohany Street Synagogue with a small group.  We found it fascinating, touching, and inspiring.  Parts of the museum were handicap accessible and others were not.  They did have an elevator to help me get to the second floor.  I was content to wait for the others while they climbed the stairs to the other floors.

The Byzantine-Moorish style synagogue constructed between 1844-1859 was unique unto itself, nothing like we had ever seen.  The largest synagogue in Europe, 3,000 people can enter.  The onion-shaped domes atop the twin towers symbolize the two columns of Solomon’s Temple.

The synagogue was very handicapped friendly and I was able to see all the main floor.  I did not try the balcony, therefore I am not sure if there was an elevator.  

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Dresden, Germany – Wonderful Surprise

We were driving from Berlin to Prague and in our planning we saw Dresden between the two cities.  In an effort to cut the length of drive, we decided to stop in Dresden.  A new museum has recently opened, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Bob’s favorite pass time.  Our hotel, NH Dresden,  was near the Old Town, shops, and restaurants.  It was brand new when we visited, lovely hotel.
You need to be an early riser, because the church bells ring very early. 🙂
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