Vienna Boy’s Choir

We have always dreamed about hearing the Vienna Boys choir in Austria. Now we were traveling from Prague, Czech Republic, to Budapest…so we planned to spend the night in Vienna, Austria. As fortune would have it they were to sing at 9:00 am the following morning in Hofburg Chapel (Hofburgkapelle) in the Imperial Palace.

All was going to plan until we realized our seats were in the balcony…and there was no way to get there but up the stairs! With my disabilities it was an impossible task. As usual we pray about every difficulty and road block. God sent angels to the rescue and the church staff kindly allowed me to sit right up front…less than 10 feet from Vienna choir boys! I would say the church was definitely handicap friendly.

First we observed Sunday morning mass. The entire service was peaceful and heart warming.

Then the “Boys” sang like angels. Due to the acoustics in the chapel, their magnificent voices raised to the ceiling and then gently fell and encompassed us.  It was magical and transported ones spirit into another realm…

We were all so blessed to be a part of incredible performance. And yes…we did not forget to thank the church staff and God too!


Howard was able to capture the service with his cell phone.

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