Prague…Best Old Town Square

Our private transportation, perfection on every level!
Our first trip in 2004 was mixed with difficulties family, health, and weather.  We loved the city but our 4 days there was watching it from the apartment.  This was pre-Luggie, so we could only get around by taxi.  Our goal was always to return. In 2013, we had the perfect trip!  We began in Berlin and drove to Dresden, Prague, Vienna, train to Budapest, drove to Zegrab, and flew to London.  Without realizing it, we were following the Danube River south, and so was the floods of 2013.  Each town we arrived in, we brought the crest. We surprised the guys, in Prague, with a private segway tour of the city.  Prague Segway Tours were so kind to the guys, since our ages ranged from 16 to 70!  They were so excited and we sent them off for their day.  Of course, we could not stand long enough to join them, so we took off on our Luggies hoping to shadow them.  Was not to be, the cobblestone road and sidewalks were just to much for Luggie.  We changed the plan and went shopping.  While Stephanie was in a store, I spotted a tour guide in a cute convertible!  We loaded up the Luggies, one in the trunk and one in the front seat and off we went.  Our only disappointment was we never cross paths with the guys!  We wanted to honk and do the Queen’s wave. The high water in Prague only effected our travel on the river.  We had an excursion booked with Prague Boats s.r.o. to photograph the canals.  In fact, this company was so conscientious, they took every effort to contact us in Berlin about the floods and the cancellation of our tour.  We were on vacation mode, not watching news, so this was the first we heard of the floods.


  The new mobile phones have the ability to change the sim cards, making your phone available throughout the world.  We give all our tours, drivers, and hotels our world number before we leave.  We’ve use Mobal Communications for several years and could not be happier. This is a better deal than our current program, much cheaper. With our program you have to keep in mind, this is not a chat line, just business.


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