Our hunt for the elusive stork.

Our storks in Croatia
In 1999, Stephanie was riding in a convoy across Europe on their way to deliver a shipping container of humanitarian aid to a Russian orphanage.  As they passed through Poland, they were intrigued by the homes with stock nest on the roofs. When visiting Dresden, Germany in 2012, we talked to a Polish guy who now lives in San Antonio, but spends a great deal of time traveling through Europe. It appeared Prague would be flooded by the time we arrived. He said we should visit Krakow, instead. Stephanie asked if there were storks in Krakow. He said, “Yes, lots of them.” Storks nesting in Poland are a sign of good luck and they return to the same nest every year.
After looking at the map, it would be over a 6 hour drive just to reach parts of Poland and no guarantee of storks. Thankfully, Prague was not flooded, so they gave up their dream and continued our scheduled trip.
Side bar: Dresden was amazing and very handicapped, disabled, scooter, and wheelchair friendly.  Even the Church of Our Lady had a one person lift.
After Prague, we visited Vienna to hear the Vienna Boys’ Choir, then onto Budapest.  Our next stop was Croatia to see Plitvice Lakes near the Bosnian border, LOOK what we found, a momma and her 2 babies. Croatia-storkDonna and Stephanie squealed like two kids and screamed, “Turn around, driver!” So, Howard turned the van around and pulled up on the sidewalk.  We all jumped out with our cameras, looking like idiot tourists who had never seen a nesting stork with her two babies on top of a telephone pole. When we returned to the van with hundreds of images, Donna and Stephanie yelled at the same time, “Now, we don’t have to go back to Poland!”
Two summers later, we traveled to Colmar, France for a day trip.  Everywhere we looked there was stork art in the gift shop, painted on walls, sculptures, stuffed storks…everywhere.  We asked a server at lunch and he stated they have a nesting stork on the St. Martin Cathedral.  How fortunate we were, Howard had just purchased both of us a long lens!        

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