Hilly Buda and flat Pest – Budapest

The two formerly separate cities, Buda and Pest, lie on the opposite sides of River Danube.  Today, with the 19th-century Chain Bridge connecting its hilly Buda district with flat Pest, they form Hungary’s capitol city, Budapest.   Castle Hill, Buda’s Old Town, is not to be missed.  Here, you will find the Budapest History Museum tracing life from Roman times, Trinity Square, home to 13th-century Matthias Church, and the turrets of the Fishermen’s Bastion, which provide a beautiful overview of the city below.

We found the city to filled with interesting history and beauty.  We spend 4 days and could have used a couple more.

We hired a private guide for Budapest, Zoltán Horváth.  We commicated our limitations to Zoltán during the interview process.  He was so helpful where our disabilities were concerned.  He was on time picking us up from our hotel and helped load our Luggies into his very comfortable car.  His knowledge and love of Budapest history was contagious.  He was so patient with our intense desire to photograph the city.  We had a list of locations we wanted to visit and he added things we needed to see.  Once again, the flood complicated the normal traffic flow.  We saw everything but the The Shoes on the Danube,  it was a great disappointment.  Please, read the explanation of The Shoes on the Danube.

Our first stop was the Weeping Willow in Raul Wallenberg Memorial Park.  Zoltán told us about the museum and the synagogue.  We decided to come back for a tour and not wastes our tour time.

Our next stop was the City Park

Central Market Hall of Budapest
was an interesting dichotomy of tourist and local trade.  There are souvenir shops, groceries, and eating stales for take away food.  There are not a lot of available seating areas, but we had Luggie to sit on.  Three words-Busy, busy, busy made it a little difficult to move through the crowd, but we were glad for the experience.  Elevators allowed us to see all the floors.

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