Harrods of London


Harrods of London…

Harrods is an upmarket department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London.

Harrods has 330 departments, however, the moment you approach any of their doors there are butlers who offer their assistance to help everyone in any way, especially handicapped people. It is easy to navigate our Luggies through the spacious well lit isles. There are lifts (elevators) to use instead of their brilliant escalators. Maps are available and of great help. In a nutshell Harrods is GRAND!

I have traveled to London for 60 years now (I was British born and bred!). The best way for us to get around London now is with Black Taxis. Yes, black ones in particular because of their standard and reasonable prices. Our Luggies weigh just 50 lbs. and fold up like strollers for transporting. The Taxi drivers find them fascinating and we all end up laughing and having a jolly good old chat!

The Deli is my favorite department and this is why… On one of my visits to London, when my daughter was 17 years old, we shopped at Harrods Food Hall and purchased picnic food. Everything in Harrods Deli is high end, and they offer fare from all over the world. The pastries and apple juice were excellent. Hype Park is very close by…and we spent the next 3 hours under huge oak trees chatting and enjoy just being with each other. Time stood still…and I will treasure those moments in time forever! Certainly Hyde Park is handicap accessible, as is most of London.

Two years ago Donna and I experienced Afternoon Tea at Harrods… We drove there on our Luggie wheelchairs…past the beautiful Hyde Park and onto Harrods. They very kindly allowed us to recharge our Luggies while we relaxed and leisurely enjoyed our tea. Oh my! The flavors were outstanding… As my Victorian Nana would always say “A good cup of tea is a cure for all that ails thee”.

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