Beautiful Brugge, Belgium

Picturesque canal homes
Oh, how we love Brugge with its charming canals, picturesque cobbled streets and medieval buildings. Google Images of Brugge, Belgium We had easy access to everything with our Luggie’s, which navigated the cobble streets well. Brugge is known as the “Little Venice”. However you’ll be happy to know that their bridges, unlike those in Venice, have no steps! The canal boat staff were very helpful, including getting on and off the boat and caring for our wheelchairs. Restaurants are mostly accessible with excellent cuisine. We advise you visit Brugge midweek to avoid endless tourists. Brugge is a wonderful place to roam, and smell the roses…   The canal boat ride by my estimation is a MUST DO…  We marveled at ornate houses lining the canals, loved the flowers in the window boxes, the dog in the window, and the swans gliding around us in the crisp fresh air. Essentially it is a fairy tale fantasy of the best kind… Their famous 13th-century belfry with its 47-bell carillon and 83 meter towers with panoramic views. On a clear day you'll see all the way out to the sea. And…no…we could not walk up the 366 steps…so we sent our husbands up instead to take photos! However, the city still employs a full-time carillonneur, who gives free concerts on a regular basis, so we always find something to enjoy wherever we go! We are always thrilled to explore all these wonderful places in spite of our handicapped status. We try our best to never let handicapped define us. In the city-center Markt people enjoy large horse-drawn carriage rides and 17th-century houses converted into restaurants and cafes. Many of the carriages are low to the ground and if you can make two steps you can enjoy the ride. If not…it is lovely to watch them about town. We can’t to everything…but we sure can enjoy a lot of amazing things. Bruges is known for chocolate, lace, and diamonds! Chocolate and lace shops are everywhere!   Also lots of souvenirs and delightful scenic painting of Brugge... There are many historical buildings to visit, such as the medieval Church of Our Lady. Search the internet so you can find what you really want to do…and then explore the possibility of accomplishing your ‘hearts desire’ and things on your bucket list! Note: Boats depart from the Georges Stael landing stage at Katelijnestraat 4 every 30 minutes, daily from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM Closed from the middle of November to the middle of March.

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