Downton Abbey Trip – Tea for Two

Our United Kingdom part of our Spring trip was all about Downton Abbey. We stayed at Five Arrows Hotel, but it is more of a B&B than hotel. It was beautiful and quaint, all you could hope for when tracing the Downton Abbey path. We had our own transportation because it is a little drive, but I am sure there are tours available. The restaurant was was very elegant and the food delicious. A little artsy, but wonderful taste. The staff was very attentive, friendly, and helpful. We reserved two rooms in “The Stable”, one bedroom and a suite. We were so pleased by the decor, very up to date, and peaceful.

Our first stop was in the village of Bampton.





Isobel Crawley’s House


St Mary’s Church

We happened on a day when the tours from London were not scheduled. We had the church to ourselves except for two parishioners were cleaning the church. They were wonderful with all kinds of info on the church history and the filming. It was our own private tour, we loved it. Howard is a professional photographer and they gave him access to everything.

Burford – St John the Baptist Church

They gave us directions to another beautiful church in Burford, St John the Baptist Church. The parking is away from the church, but we rode our scooters to the church. It was worth the trip, very lovely.

VILLAGE OF Bourton-On-The-Water.

We have been there before, but this trip was disappointing because of all the people. People everywhere! We could not find a handicapped parking spot, so we had to park in a lot and scooter over. This was our where our second afternoon tea was to happen. Sadly, we chose The Chestnut Tree Tea Room. Very, very disappointing. I do not believe the scones were fresh. We made up the disappointment by shopping!

A happy side trip – Bibury

Bibury is a Cotswold village famous for it’s stone cottages. Photographers love it, so Howard was thrill to find it on our travels. Unfortunately, we got there when the sun was in the wrong place, that is the life of a photographer! We had a wonderful time photographing the River Coln and the swans. A man was fly fishing, made for beautiful images.
Sometimes our little side trips are the best gems of the day

The end to a busy day – Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey)

We arrived at the end of the day. The tours of Downton Abbey are purchased by travel agencies which makes it impossible to get a tour on your own. We were happy just to see the outside. The drive in from the lane is was beautiful, sheep grazing, rolling hills, and fantastic trees. The gate was open so we drove in, there was no one insight, exept someone setting up some equipment. The wind was blowing a gale force and it was COLD, but we got our photographs!
Downton Abbey (Highclere)

Downton Abbey

  As we were leaving, we passed the trailers coming it for the cast of Downton Abbey! We got to the gate, it was closed, we sneaked in under the wire 🙂 When the caretaker came to our aid, we offered to spend the night, but he did not see the humor in our suggestion.

Our Hotel – Five Arrows Hotel

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