NYC 911 Memorial

Finding ways to make the world available to disabled and handicapped travelers.
“Americani! Americani! Television! Television!” the desk clerk shrieked, as she came bounding up the stairs of Hotel Russia, in Voronezh. She threw our open door, as she burst into the room. Terror was on her face, as she ran to the television and turned it on. We all watched, as the twin towers fell. We all watched, as Death laid siege to the city.  The 13 of us, members of the first 3 teams to arrive in Russia, were waiting for our vans to take us to the overnight train to Moscow. Having finished the Russian portion of the Mercy Mission 2001 trip on September 11, we were packed, ready, and rejoicing. While some were being reborn on one side of the world, some were dying on the other. Suddenly, our joy was gone, crushed, but only for a season. Having not visited New York since 911, we  waited until the memorial was complete.  We traveled to NYC on our way to Europe in the Spring of 2015.  We found the memorial and fountains to be a majestic tribute. The location is very handicap friendly, ramps and elevators are available everywhere making it easy to access the memorial.
Tip: Hotel and food

Staying at the recently opened Marriott Residence Inn, 170 Broadway,  New York,  New York  10007, we were close enough to the 911 Memorial for a convenient ride on our scooters.  The members of the Marriott staff were eager to help with our needs.   They made our stay quite enjoyable.
The concierge gave us excellent restaurant guidance.  We chose Les Halles, 15 John Street, a two minute scooter ride.  We headed northeast on Broadway toward Maiden Ln, then made a right on John St.  It is a small restaurant, but they found space for us to park our scooters out of the way.  The lovely restaurant made us feel like we were in France.  The food was amazing and very reasonable priced.  We later found out Anthony Bourdain is involved with Les Halles. (see pictures below)  We highly recommend the following:
  • Gratinee des Halles (onion soup)
  • Filet da Boeuf, Bearnaise (steak)
  • Steak au Poivre, Frites (steak)
  • Poulet Roti (chicken)
  • Profiteroles & Ice cream

On the way to the 911 Memorial, we drove passed Zuccotti Park on Cedar & Broadway, where we found all kinds of food trucks (actually, small vendor carts).  We selected a falafel (pictured below), best ever!  

We were able to take photos while sitting on our scooters. Howard-Stephanie_NYC No-Day-Shall-Erase NYC-Howard-Stephanie-Donna

911_1 911_2 911_4


Zuccotti Park Lunch

Falafel from Zuccotti Park

Falafel from Zuccotti Park

Les Halles – our amazing dinner.


Gratinee des Halles (onion soup)


Poulet Roti (chicken)


Steak au Poivre, Frites


Filet de Boeuf, Béarnaise


Profiteroles & Ice cream

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